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Mason Work and Cold Weather

Once the temperature drops below 40 degrees, we pause all of our masonry work. In Chicago this can be late fall or early winter.

What temperature is too cold for brick and mason work?

As we head into the winter months in Chicago, it is important to use this time to educate our customers about masonry work and cold weather. Once the temperature drops below 40 degrees, we pause all of our masonry work. Depending on the color of the mortar, there are times that our masonry work can be halted even sooner. Masonry work being repaired and or rebuilt in the wrong temperatures simply will not sustain over time.

Mortar and sand are mixed with water and if you set it when the temperature is below freezing, then the mortar will freeze before it has the proper time to cure. The curing process of mortar is important, naturally, because it holds the brick or stone together. The ideal temperature for mason work to be conducted is above 40 degrees, for multiple days in a row, including during the night. Some companies will conduct masonry work below the ideal temperatures, and they do that by mixing anti-freeze into the mortar. This not only causes the mortar to discolor, but it also causes the mortar to break down, which ultimately weakens the mortar.

If you are contacting multiple companies and one offers to conduct masonry work during the cold weather, let that be a red flag. It is important for Becker Roofing to complete all jobs for our customers, as quickly as possible, but we refuse to sacrifice quality just to simply complete a job. We do understand emergencies do occur, and we, of course, offer temporary fixes to get a property through the harsh weather until the springtime. Once spring is here, we can then deliver the quality work that will sustain against time and harsh weather for years to come.

Can I get an estimate for my brick and mason work during the winter months? ABSOLUTELY.

Becker Roofing Company will be available to come to your home during our business hours to inspect your brick and masonry during the winter months. After we have completed our inspection, we will then write an estimate, and it will be emailed to you. One benefit to having an estimate done during the winter months is to help you budget and prepare for your upcoming masonry work in the spring time.

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