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How much damage can a broken gutter cause?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

It is common to think debris will work itself out of the gutter. But if it does not, you can be look at much more damage from a couple hundred to the thousands.

Why do I need to check my gutters?

With all the rain we have had the past couple of weeks, we wanted to send a quick reminder to everyone to check their gutters to make sure they are clean of debris.

Why is this important? Well, dirty or clogged gutters can lead to many issues.

  • Creates a perfect home for unwanted guests, including small critters and insect infestations.

  • If clogged, the water will overflow which, can cause the wood on your roof to rot.

  • Over time, if the water cannot drain, it can find the way into your home and even cause mold. Once you have mold in the walls you will need to replace drywall and sometimes framing.

  • It may damage the landscaping below the gutters due to overflow falling heavy in one spot where they gutters are clogged or damaged.

Make it your goal this week to check your gutters! Don't forget we do gutter cleaning, call us at 773-561-7344.

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